Emergency Medical Technician Basic



Emergency Medical Technician- EMT Basic


The student will learn the fundamentals of the emergency medical service system, safety, well-being of the technician, medical issues, legal issues, and ethical issues of the emergency medical care system. All instruction will meet the 1994 DOT curriculum standards. Students must be 18 to participate in the 24 hour clinical experience with a State Bureau of Emergency Medical Services (BEMS) approved ambulance service, but are ABLE to enroll in the class at 17. Students must pass a written and practical registry exam for Louisiana and national certifications. By taking this course as a senior in high school, the approximate cost savings is $2500.00.

Prerequisites: This class is for seniors with a 2.0 or better GPA, EMR Certificate, a grade of C or better in Biology I, English III, Algebra I, and Medical Terminology.